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These are 100% genuine testimonials written and composed by past and present students in their own words.

"John Peck, my guitar tutor. I will start by saying I had been playing at playing the guitar for about 30 plus years on and off one of my brothers suggested I go and have some proper lessons as you are never to old to learn, I was given Johns number by the owner of the local guitar shop, I gave him a call arranged a lesson and I have never looked back since. John's methods of teaching are spot on he is patient, informative he never lets you feel pressured or incapable of playing almost anything he encourages you and gives you the sense that you can accomplish anything, another one of John's qualities is that he will not only teach you to play your instrument but the theory about the music you are playing and the history if you wish to know it. John is not just a good teacher he is also a very talented multi instrumental musician. Since I started having my guitar lessons several years ago John has also encouraged me to learn the Ukulele, I never leave a lesson without having learned something new and valuable all in all I would recommend John as a teacher to anybody who wishes to learn a musical instrument."

Keith Clarke. from West Midlands. Guitar


"John Peck is a super enthusiastic lute teacher. We actually started learning, with John, how to make our ukuleles sound like lutes, but John convinced us that if we were really interested in lute music we should be learning on the real thing. John is totally committed to playing music on the authentic period instrument, or instrument from the correct country - John has an amazing collection of instruments from around the World."

"John helped us purchase our lutes and then introduced us right away to simple pieces of renaissance lute music. Not only does he have modern editions of the music but he also has a vast collection of facsimile manuscripts which he uses to check the correctness of modern editions."

"He has proved a great teacher - we travel 90 minutes each way from rural Shropshire to get to his lessons. We have derived real pleasure in developing our skills to the point where we can enjoy our playing of early lute music."
Frank and Jan. from Shropshire. Lute


"I had been having Banjo lessons with John for I suppose 6 months and believe me I was rubbish, in fact I don’t know how someone could have the patience that this man had but he persevered and I managed to do a basic forward roll. We both thought we had cracked it and I was on my way, then disaster struck I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After having the darn thing removed it left me with a few problems one of which meant I wasn't as quick with the right hand so I put the Banjo to rest permanently I couldn’t put this man through this again, but I love the Banjo with a passion so I chanced calling John and was welcomed with open arms."


"This man has given me a reason to try because I was giving up everything. He is in my opinion one of the most professional people I have ever met; totally committed to his students, good at what he does and a laugh, this man cooks on gas and is V.F.M. I can’t thank JOHN PECK enough for what he has done for me.

Oh yeh, I can now play chords and some simple tunes, he has given me the world. Thanks John.

Andy. from Great Barr. Banjo


"I had lessons with John for almost 5 years. When I first started learning I only knew one or two chords I'd learnt on the internet and not a lot else. My guitar playing has dramatically improved and I've played guitar in a few school shows, both on my own and as part of a band. I also had a few Ukulele lessons with John and although I'm no expert, I can already play quite a lot of chords and a few songs. The lessons really helped me with both GCSE music and music technology. John helped me to learn existing songs and compose my own pieces, which got me very good grades in my music coursework. He also taught me some music theory, which was useful for the guitar playing, Ukulele playing and my GCSE music exam. I would recommend John to anyone. He found various songs for me to learn based on the kind of music I like, helped me work my way through grades 1, 2 and 3 on guitar and made the lessons fun."

Lucy T. from Dudley. Ukulele


"Seven years ago I started to learn the Classical Guitar. A complete beginner to the guitar, I found John patient with an in depth teaching style. John has a very broad spectrum of musical knowledge whether you wish to play Classical, Rock, Flamenco, Jazz, or take your grades. Accomplished Musician and Great Teacher. His passion for the guitar and music is always an inspiration."

John A. from Bromsgrove. Classical Guitar


"I bought my daughter a guitar for her 12th birthday, and the music shop I purchased it from recommended John Peck as a good, local music teacher. Lu has been having one to one lessons each week for over 4 years now and has moved from a complete beginner to an accomplished musician, I love to hear her practising at home, and watching her perform at school with great confidence, knowing that she has learnt these skills from John in a relaxed, friendly environment. Lu started lessons with John for guitar only, but has also spent time more recently learning to play the ukulele and learning to read music with him. The interest in guitar playing started as a hobby, but she enjoyed it so much, she took music and music tech' as GCSE options, She has now passed both with excellent grades, she found the extra tuition in both practical and the theory of music from John a big help. I would recommend John as a friendly, reliable, value for money music teacher for people of any age."

Sharon T. from Netherton. Ukulele

"I have been interested in music ever since I was young and had a few violin and piano lessons in my school days. In February 2016, aged 37 years I decided to take up an instrument, I was unsure at the time which one would be best for me and thought of the ukulele, as it was small thinking it would be easy to hold. I began lessons with John Peck first of all with the Ukulele and then after a while John introduced me to the Balalaika, which I found a lot more comfortable in the way I could hold it and feel more relaxed.

I have Cerebral Palsy and find holding anything away from my body can cause my arms to shake, but with the balalaika I have grown to play it with ease."

"John is an influential tutor who is deeply passionate about his music and very relaxing with his tutoring. During his sessions, I find him very encouraging in the way he helps you to progress when playing music. He is very relaxed and as he knows I wish to play for the pleasure of playing he makes learning very interesting, knowing the learning style that is best for you during the session.

I travel from Great Malvern once a week for an half hour lesson which is about 25 miles across the country. When I set off from home I look forward to having a nice afternoon with a nice 30 minutes of playing music outside the 'run of the mill lifestyle we live' and this helps relax and improve a very worthwhile skill in playing different music. He has taught me to read music, which I had no knowledge of and having a poor memory myself he is very patient and encouraging during the sessions."

William C. from Malvern, Worcestershire. Balalaika

"I purchased a ukulele about four years ago. I quickly realised that if I was to progress and understand the instrument, I needed a good music teacher. I found John’s contact details on the Hobgoblin music shop website and I haven’t looked back since. John is a patient, enthusiastic and inspirational teacher whose passion for music is infectious. He has taught me all sorts of styles of playing the ukulele and helped me understand the theory behind the music. Most of all, the lessons are enjoyable and personalised."

Helen. from Birmingham. Ukulele


"John has taught me for 5/6 years now. In this time, I had started as a beginner when I was 11 years old and I'm now at the point where I am working towards my grade 8 exam in electric guitar. John works on things that I feel gets to the essentials of how certain techniques and theory works to help me understand various aspects of guitar playing and musicianship. This focus on practising the right things is one of the primary reasons why I feel I can improve significantly. I can learn any song with John of any style and he makes sure I understand how that song works. That means I can learn one of my favourite songs while learning the theory and technique behind it and enjoying it with dedication. Ever since I decided to take grades, John has planned out with me how I will achieve these goals and other goals that make me a better musician. I think John is fun to learn from but is also realistic with my skills and progress in order to get the best out of me."

Mirron W. from Bromsgrove. Electric Guitar


"Since taking up the 7 course renaissance lute at the age of 62 after playing for about a year, I was advised to take lessons so I contacted John and after chatting on the phone I discovered that the 7 course renaissance lute was his particular passion. Since then I have been having lessons from John. I found him very easy to get on with, an excellent communicator and his knowledge of the 7 course renaissance lute and the music and history of the instrument absolutely stunning, the lessons are never dull or boring, and my association with John has been absolutely brilliant for my musical development. I am looking forward to a long association with John and look forward to my next lesson."

Kim B. from Birmingham. Lute


"Thanks to John, I've made rapid and satisfying progress as a complete beginner in learning to play the classical mandolin. His tuition is enjoyable and very informative; John explains things clearly and in a relaxed, encouraging way which makes it easy to learn."  

Alan W. from Nuneaton. Mandolin


"I’ve been taking Mandolin Classes with John Peck since June 2013, during which time I have found him to be a patient, friendly and most knowledgeable instructor. He has been flexible and understanding when I have had to alter lesson times (given fair warning!) and is happy to adapt his teaching to help accommodate my goals or my particular interest at the time. He has been helpful and supportive in my work towards taking my first grading in Mandolin.  Above all else I have found his breadth of knowledge around the instrument itself, as well as the tips and techniques to improve my playing generally, second to none. In short, he is an amiable and experienced player/teacher and a great source of musical information and I would heartily recommend his classes."

Collette C. from Wolverhampton. Mandolin

I" had the good fortune to meet John Peck at the Music School when I was waiting for my piano teacher, and I found that John taught several instruments at the School, including the Oud, which I wanted to learn. John was able to advise me on buying an instrument, and I started lessons with him. His teaching method appealed as it was very relaxed and enjoyable; instead of following a strict syllabus, John listened to my wishes and found alternative pieces of music when I needed something less challenging than in the text book. It is a difficult instrument to learn but John is a patient, encouraging tutor and I am pleased to recommend him wholeheartedly to any aspiring oud player."

Sheelah James - retired medical practitioner. from Blackwell Worcs. Oud


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