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My music lessons are available via Skype


If you would like an online lesson just email me at and from there we can talk about your tuition. You should email me about which instrument you would like lessons for and also give me some times and days when you will be available.


You can download Skype by clicking here. You will need a webcam and microphone (which is usually included as part of the webcam). Furthermore, a good internet connection is needed for good picture/sound quality.

Let me know which country you live in so we can take into account any time differences:-

Click here for a time zone site. From this link, you can see what the current time is in the UK and therefore find out when you are free. From here, I can email you with a time that suits us both, taking into account time differences.


Payment method has to be by PayPal, you will be required to create a paypal account, as I will not accept any other payment method. Click here to create a PayPal account. It is simple and free to do.

I give one hour lessons costing £30 (GBP), although if you are not from the UK, you will have to ensure you are paying the right amount of money based on your currency:- Click here for a currency converter.


Payments should be sent within 48 hours before the lesson time, which tells me that you are going to have a lesson, and I will be online at least 5 mins prior to the lesson time. Not doing so will mean that I cannot gurantee to go ahead with the lesson.

If you miss the booked lesson for any reason and we don’t have a lesson, I will have to charge you half the lesson fee (£15 in GBP).

48 hours notice is required for cancellation of a lesson, and likewise, there will be a charge of half the lesson fee. (£15 in GBP)

If there is any technical difficulties, and we cannot complete the lesson, it will be cancelled, although no refund can be given.

For lessons payments, click on the button:

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